UX/UI Design

XOTV App Design

An app to create live TV shows with up to 5 other friends.

Glitchr App Design

An app to capture photos, add effects, and create glitch edits.

Spaces App Design

Discover and rent nearby studios and other artistic spaces.

Saucey App Design

An app for those who are obsessed with the hottest hot sauces on the planet.

Saga App Design

A place to share authentic stories, answers, and ideas in real-time.

SongLink App Design

Share music with anyone no matter the platform.

Motion Graphics

Search Bar Animation

A concept search bar designed for a music discovery app.

Current Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal for Current, an Incentive-Based, Blockchain Enabled Multimedia Ecosystem

Saga Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal Iterations for Saga, an app to share authentic stories, answers, and ideas.

Hurdl Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal created for Hurdl, an LED-wearable music technology startup.

Bunkbeds Animation

Animation and Production done for a music video by artist, Newman.

Kollaboh Explainer

Motion graphic for Kollaboh, an app for artists of all disciplines to connect & collaborate.

Film + Motion Graphics Reel